Master Maternity Leave:

For Employees

The Signature Prep Course for Employees Taking Maternity Leave

So, your rockstar employee just told you they’re pregnant. 

And the thought of running things without their help for a few weeks starts to trigger anxiety. 

You’re trying to help them prepare, or maybe they’ve taken the initiative to create some training for their replacement, but you’re unsure.


When I worked for my last company I felt shamed for having a baby because they had zero systems in place for my leave. What was supposed to be an incredible time was filled with anxiety and terrible stress for me. And when I returned it was even worse.

This is going to help so many people!

– Bridgette


The Master Maternity Leave Planning Course

Over 5 in-depth modules, we walk your employees through the process of prepping their workload to be handed off while they are away.

No more stressing about trying to capture all the information or worrying that they may forget something and need to be contacted. 

Our core training process is one we’ve used with growing organizations over the last five years.

Our Core Framework

Our training framework has been leveraged by growing organizations nation wide.


what exactly are we doing day-to-day?



what do we currently have that will help train our replacement?


what do we need to make to transfer information properly?


how are we going to roll this out and keep track of progress?

Over the last five years, we have served organizations in several different markets. The companies who can benefit most from this signature prep course are those who have 50 employees or more and need to offer FMLA leave to qualifying employees or those smaller organizations who offer paid leave to their teams. Our material is especially useful for those in physical services with an overwhelming majority female staff.

We have created an in-depth 5-module training sequence along with easy-to-implement activities, tools, templates and so much more to make your employees feel that they are prepared and supported to take leave. 

Module 1: Introduction and planning

Module 2: Identification

Module 3: Auditing

Module 4: Creation

Module 5: Optimization


Should you or your team need custom support, we are able to create a plan to customize the content for your needs and roll it out to your team. 

Book a Planning Call today!

Have an employee that is planning to go out on leave? Or want to be proactive? Let’s develop a plan that makes sense for your organizaion.

“I wish I had this a couple of kids ago”

When I had my first baby, I delivered on a Thursday and was back at work by Monday. I was so tethered to my work that I didn’t have the option to take off. This will help so many women take the break that they deserve.

– Jenny


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