Master Your Maternity Leave

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Comprehensive Maternity Leave Planning for Business Owners

Whether you are taking leave or preparing an employee, we have the tools you need to keep the business thriving. 

“I wish I had this a couple kids ago!”

When I had my first baby, I delivered on a Thursday and was back to work by Monday. I was so tethered to my work that I didn’t have the option to take off. This will help so many women take the break they deserve.

– Jenny Cross, Founder of TwoTone Creative and mom of two

Hi, I’m Alyson

I’m an operator by trade, a business owner, and fractional COO to several multi-seven and eight-figure businesses. I’m also a mom to two VERY young boys and have taken two successful maternity leaves in the last two years.

I created Master Maternity Leave to help expecting mompreneurs carve out time for themselves and press pause without everything burning down. Let’s create a plan for a seamless transition into and out of maternity leave so you can cherish this incredible time instead of dreading it.

Plan the Maternity Leave Your Family Deserves.

Untether from your work.

Your work is your baby. Or at least it has been until the exciting news of your growing family! Maybe you’re feeling nervous to plan time away from work. Maybe you’re worried about clients finding out that you’re expecting. 

Maybe you have a little one and the last leave… didn’t go so great. 

The hard truth is: no one prepares you to be a mom. There’s no rubric, rule book or prep course you can take that can possible cover all the changes moms go through.

What we can do is make life a little easier and focus on our family during maternity leave. 



Your business doesn’t need to halt…

In fact, taking maternity leave may breed some of the most sustainable growth for the business. 

Using the right tools can make all the difference.  


Mastering Maternity Leave:

Our Four Phases


The signature 3-phase support system we’ve used to structure hundreds of businesses.


How to build (or adjust) your accountability chart.  

How to build your bench with people who can support you.   

How to keep your finger on the pulse of the business while you’re out and where to check between feedings.

Plan the Maternity Leave Your Family Deserves.

We believe in simple, approachable tactics.

Taking time off to tend to your family and heal shouldn’t be complicated. Use some tried-and-true systems to allow your team to support you.